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Hadley's Diagnosis


Hadley's Diagnosis

Hadley was born Monday January 23, 2017. Four days later we received a call from the pediatrician's office. My husband Kyle took the call and said we were told to take Hadley back to the hospital for blood work. My memory is a little fuzzy but I remember Kyle telling me that Hadley's TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) was over 1100. At birth it is supposed to be under 35. On the way to the hospital Hadley's doctor called and told us that we were getting repeat blood work to confirm the diagnosis; Hadley has congenital hypothyroidism.

My first thoughts: It's not her heart. It's not her lungs. She doesn't need surgery. Ok, now listen to the doctor, she's still talking.

The doctor told us to stop at the pharmacy to pick up Hadley's medication. She gave us instructions on how to use the stopper end of a syringe to crush the Synthroid in a spoon, pour it into the syringe and mix with 1 cc of water or breast milk. She said to give it to her first thing in the morning, every morning. For the rest of her life.

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