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A Moment to Celebrate

I started this blog with the intention of memorializing all of the ups and downs with Hadley’s disease, but recently I realized that I am only sharing the downs. The stressful events and struggles are typically what motivate me to write. It’s therapeutic to put my thoughts into writing and to hear your feedback. I get messages from friends and strangers giving support, sharing anecdotes, and often asking for advice. While I feel mostly unqualified to give actual advice, I love to share my experiences. It helps sometimes to know that neither of us knows the right answer.

It occurred to me that I hadn’t written in a while. While it hasn’t been completely smooth sailing for Hadley, it’s been pretty darn good! So that’s what I came here to share. Please don’t read this as a “look at me” or a “my life is so great” moment. I want everyone to know that congenital hypothyroidism is a mostly benign, manageable disease. Although it’s been a bumpy ride for Hadley, I want to celebrate these good stretches of time. I want others to know that navigating a chronic disease is not only a series of documented rough times. I want there to be documented good times too. One day, when Hadley reads this, I want her to know that we have so much to be thankful for.

Here are some milestones and celebrations for Hadley:

  • She is 100% potty trained!

  • She is taking a ballet/tap combo class once a week and is practically ready for Broadway.

  • Even though her TSH shot up to a critically high number (32.9) back in November, Hadley had no signs/symptoms to show for it. She felt perfectly fine. We adjusted her medication and her numbers are back to normal.

  • She practices going underwater in the bath and can hold her breath for almost 5 seconds. She is so excited for swimming this Summer!

  • She loves Christian music and has created her own playlist that we listen to in the car.

  • When the weather is nice enough, we go for walks in our neighborhood. Sometimes she asks if I am getting tired, but if I say “no,” she says “me neither” and insists we keep walking. Even though I know she’s getting tired.

  • She’s very slow to warm up to new people, but once she does, she tells me they are her BEST friend.

Thank you for taking the time to read and to celebrate with us.

With Love,


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